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$29 to $250 per month
DSL service is an affordable way to receive high speed Internet service. DSL can serve between one to fifteen people (or computers) based on average use. We suggest DSL for office or home office emailing, web browsing or single-user VOIP workstation
$239 to $1200 per month

A T1 line is available almost anywhere (unlike DSL).
Most T1 providers offer customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - along with service guarantees.
  T1 lines are a higher quality Internet service, and provide  a firmer foundation for advanced applications such as mail or web hosting servers, multi-user VPN, Citrix, or VOIP services.

$1,200 to $14,000 per month
DS3 circuit will cost about the same as four to 10 DS1 (T-1) circuits. Once the jump into the DS3 arena has been made the end-user will have its disposal a host of delivery options for services that include, video conferencing, workstation based graphics, distributed data processing and more advanced facsimile transmissions.
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